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Top Reasons You Should Get a Water Filtration System For Your Home

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As of 2021, 60 million American citizens reported distrusting tap water due to fear of contamination. This makes it an underutilized resource, depriving people from a basic need. Have you realized just how much water you can use in your household? If you use a water filtration system, you can clean your water and maximize every drop to its potential. 


What is a Water Filtration System?


Water filtration is the system or procedure of cleansing water to get rid of unwanted bacteria, particles, and other contaminants. It lowers the risk of diseases and allows people to utilize or drink safe water.


Many households consider filtered water a staple, although some have not taken action to treat their water systems. According to a report from NSF, 71% percent of surveyed participants have expressed concern over the contaminants in their drinking water. 


Common Issues of Home Water Supply

Water supply systems require frequent maintenance. Although these can withstand constant usage, it will inevitably deteriorate. You may have experienced some of the following:

  • Clogging and slow drains

  • Runny toilets

  • Foul odor from a plumbing fixture

  • Low water pressure

  • Leaky faucets

  • Sudden increase in water bill

If you encounter any of these, contact a trusted plumbing service to prevent the situation from getting more severe.

Reasons to Get a Water Filtration System for Your Home

A home water filtration system installation will bring about a much-needed lifestyle improvement. Remember, investing in cleaner water is also protecting the health of the household. Here are some reasons why you should set up a whole house water filtration system installation.

Consume Clear and Safe Drinking Water

The main purpose of a water infiltration system is to produce and ensure safe, drinkable water. Untreated water can cause serious problems from stomach upset to cholera. Fortunately, treating your water can save you an unnecessary trip to the hospital. You and your household can rest assured that you’re not consuming anything hazardous to your health.

Use Cleaner, Healthier-Looking Water

Water scrubs impurities in the body, from your hands to your hair. But if you use dirty, untreated water, you may even be opening yourself to more health risks. A filtration system gets rid of unwanted chemicals, making water fit for sanitary purposes. 

Enjoy Cleaner Clothes and Items

Water is also utilized for washing daily items, such as clothes or dishes. But using untreated water can cause skin irritation and stomach problems. Plus, unfiltered water often gives off a foul odor, making the clothes you wash unwearable, or a dinner plate unusable. Installing a water filtration system can help you avoid these sticky situations.

Encounter Fewer Plumbing Issues

Dirty, contaminated water in pipes can cause mold and other unwanted bacteria to grow. When this happens, your water supply system will be affected. This makes your home susceptible to plumbing problems. With a water filtration system, you’re setting up your home in the long run—and saving a lot of money from the repairs.

Make Your Appliances Last Longer

Plumbing fixtures deteriorate along with drainage systems. Dirty, untreated water can cause buildup of chemicals. Before you know it, appliances are already loaded with corrosion and other kinds of damage. You can prevent wearing out these fixtures by treating your water. A whole house water filtration system installation cost is more practical than constantly replacing fixtures at home.

Reduce Fees and Energy Bills 

One of the top challenges with unfiltered water is its negative impact on plumbing appliances. Plumbing problems can cause water bills to surge, and of course, you’ll be paying plumbing experts to have them fixed. This in itself already costs a good deal. Additionally, you may not realize how much you constantly spend on bottled water. Tap water is available for anyone—as long as you make sure it’s clean and filtered. Give your household some access to this resource if you want to save a lot on your plate.


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How to Find a Good Water Filtration System

So you’re ready for a water filtration system installation. But where do you start, and how do you know which one to get? You might want to take note of the following.

Consider Your Water Supply

A filter will essentially get rid of hazards in your untreated water. However, some water filtration systems work better than others in drawing out unwanted particles. Figure out the minerals in your water supply, then decide what kind o filter you can use to combat those.

Choose the Right Type of Filter

There are many types of water filtration systems you can have in your household. These include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Activated carbon filter, which absorbs contaminants and chemicals 

  • Reverse osmosis filter, which makes use of membranes to separate pollutants from treated water

  • Sediment filter, which removes larger, more visible particles

  • UV filter (typically used with other kinds of filters), which makes use of ultraviolet lights to kill bacteria


Take note that types of filters are vast and may vary per service. Make sure to ask for recommendations from your specialist about which water filter is most suitable for your home.

Get the Right Size 

Once you’ve determined the purpose and type of your water filtration system, you can finally look for the apparatus. Make sure you get the right size to avoid problems with installation. It would also help to gauge the water filtration system installation costs, so you know how much to anticipate.

Discover Crandall’s Plumbing: The Most-Trusted Water Filtration System Installation Near Me

Due to how often it’s present in our lives, we tend to overlook how we use our water. Thankfully, you can prevent major inconveniences and health hazards by investing in a water filtration system. This game-changing procedure can help raise your quality of life and avoid sicknesses among household members. Trust Crandall’s Plumbing to do the job—our professional team is always more than happy to help you live your best life at home. Contact us for more details.